The purpose of this website is to promote the CLM as well as a collaborative learning environment where all professionals are lifted in their literacy instruction.

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A Visit from Waukesha School District

On Monday, January 20th, Luther Elementary hosted the Waukesha School District for a site visit so their staff could see the Comprehensive Literacy Model in our district.  We had a great morning of classroom observations to see the Reader's Workshop components of word study, mini-lessons, guided reading, and literature discussion groups in action in our K-5 classrooms.  We also spotlighted Guided Reading Plus, one of the CIM interventions that is a layered intervention approach to our classroom guided reading framework.  Special thanks to Elaine Spata, Tammy Kuehl, Beth Young, Martha MacWilliams, Caitlyn Thiess, Emily Bouvier, Kara Krausse, and Barb Martin for spotlighting the great teaching and learning that happens in their classrooms every day! Dave Geiger, principal of Luther Elementary, is very proud of his students and staff!   


Exemplary Reading Program Award

The Exemplary Reading Program Award recognizes outstanding reading and language arts programs at all grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school). Its purpose is to call the public’s attention to outstanding programs in schools throughout Canada and the United States.  One school can be chosen per state every year after completing an extensive application detailing and outlining the school's literacy program evidenced by student achievement data.  IRA judges along with judges from the state's reading association make a surprise site visit to see the program in action to validate the school's program before selecting the state winner.  The winners are then honored at the International Reading Association Convention. 

The 2013 Wisconsin Exemplary Reading Program Award was awarded to all 4 elementary schools in the School District of Fort Atkinson with their systemic implementation of the Comprehensive Literacy Model across the district.  This was the first time a district and not a single school was awarded the honor.  Amy Oakley, Director of Instruction, Rachel Ehlen, K-2 Literacy Coach, Candice Johnson 3-5 Literacy Coach, Kara Krausse, Grade 5 Model Classroom Teacher, and Denise Engstrom, Grade 3 Classroom Teacher attended the 53rd Annual IRA Convention in San Antonio to accept the award.  



Our Journey: Year Three of Implementing the Comprehensive Literacy Model

This video documents the goals of our third year implementing the Comprehensive Literacy Model, along with thoughtful reflections from teachers, coaches, and principals about the positive impact this model is having in our district.


February Literacy Workshop

In mid-February, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers followed by 4th and 5th grade teacher met to learn more about writing within the Comprehensive Literacy Model.  Jennifer Jaworksi led this workshop.  Participants studied the protocols to strengthen mini-lessons and determine the focus of small-group/1-1 conferences within writer's workshop.  At the end of each workshop, teachers silently wrote reflections about all of the positive changes made within their classrooms.


October Literacy Workshops

In October, grade level groups attended literacy workshops, led by Jennifer Jaworski.  These workshops helped pull together literacy strategies our district has implemented, such as mini-lessons, guided reading groups, literature discussion groups and sharing.  The workshops also included an introduction to writing within the Comprehensive Literacy Model.