Instructional Protocols- Grades K-1

Shared Reading (Majority of Students in Zone of Proximal Development)

  • Full group instruction using the same enlarged text for 5 days.
  • Teachers follow a framework for selecting a new explicit teaching point for each of the 5 days.

 Shared Reading Explicit Teaching Protocol K & 1

Shared Reading Planning Guide

Example: Shared Reading Planning Guide- Seven Fat Cats


Interactive Writing (Majority of Students in Zone of Proximal Development)

  • Full group instruction on composing and constructing a written piece.
  • This is a shared experience where the teacher and students co-construct a meaningful message. 

 Interactive Writing Explicit Teaching Protocol Grades K-1

Planner for Interactive Writing for Grades K-1


Mini Lesson (Majority of Students in Zone of Proximal Development)

  • WORD WORK / SPELLING - Full group instruction on explicit teaching point in relation to word work or spelling
  • CORE CURRICULUM - Full group instruction with an explicit teaching point utilizing the following techniques within the context of mentor text(s): 
    • Read Aloud / Think Aloud
    • Shared Reading
    • Guided Practice


Small Group Instruction (Students in Zone of Proximal Development)

Small Group Options (15 minutes in length)

Support / Monitoring


  • Small Group Instruction -CORE 
  • Guided Reading Group - CORE
  •  Re-Teaching Group – as needed 
    •  Re-teach mini-lesson to small group in the mini-lesson format
  •  Intervention Group – TIER 1 
    • Provide additional series of 1-1 conferencing with a strategic (pre-planned) laser- focus for the intervention
    • Tier 1 is in addition to the CORE small group instruction


Independent Work Time

Students in Zone of Actual Development


  • Independent Reading / Read to Self 
    • Self-selected “Just Right Books” at student’s independent reading level
    • Familiar reads from previous instruction (mini lesson, small group, etc)
  • Read to Someone
    • Students reread texts from previous instruction (mini lesson, small group, etc) with a peer
    • Students read self-selected texts to a peer
  • Work on Writing
    • Students write in a journal about their lives or choose to write in a genre of their choice. 
  • Word Work
    • Students work with letters, word cards, and other materials to reinforce letter/word knowledge.
  • Listening to Reading 
    • Students listen and follow along with a record book on a tape or CD.   



  • Individual Conferencing
  • Monitoring (individual or small group)
  • On-going / Informal Assessments