Instructional Protocols- Grades 2-5

Mini Lesson (Majority of Students in Zone of Proximal Development)

  • WORD WORK / SPELLING - Full group instruction on explicit teaching point in relation to word work or spelling
  • CORE CURRICULUM - Full group instruction with an explicit teaching point utilizing the following techniques within the context of mentor text(s):
    • Read Aloud / Think Aloud
    • Shared Reading
    • Guided Practice

Small Group Instruction (Students in Zone of Proximal Development)

Small Group Options (10 to 20 minutes in length)

Support / Monitoring

  •  Guided Reading Group - CORE
  •  Literature Discussion Group - CORE
  •  Re-Teaching Group – as needed
    •  Re-teach mini-lesson to small group in the mini-lesson format
  •  Intervention Group – TIER 1
    • Provide additional series of 1-1 conferencing with a strategic (pre-planned) laser- focus for the intervention
    • Tier 1 is in addition to the CORE small group instruction

  • Individual Conferencing
  • Monitoring (individual or small group)
  • On-going / Informal Assessments

Independent Work Time

Students in Zone of Actual Development


  • Independent Reading / Read to Self (more frequent and longer duration in grades 3 – 5)
    • Self-selected “Just Right Books” at student’s independent reading level
    • Familiar reads from previous instruction (mini lesson, small group, etc)
  • Assigned reading from Literature Discussion Group
  • Written responses to reading in student’s Thoughtful Log (replaces Daily 5 - Work on Writing)
  • Repeated reading as assigned from Guided Reading Group
  • Assigned activity from Spelling or Word Work mini-lesson (as needed by student— should be integrated with Daily 5 - Work on Words if used)
  • Other Daily 5 Options (from K-2 framework - daily presence of these diminishes in Grades 3-5)
    • Listening to Reading 
    • Read to Someone

Shared Reading