Classroom Libraries

Creating and Organizing Literate Environments Professional Development PPT

Teachers’ classroom libraries are designed to promote a high engagement of reading at students’ independent reading levels.  Each teacher follows a systematic approach to coding and organizing their classroom books and texts to enable students to access text efficiently.   Students discover the content within the library through meaningful and purposeful mini-lessons.  These lessons teach students how to locate and select specific genres, authors, and categories of books.  Teachers arrange their libraries with lamps, bean bags, cushions, or other furniture to create an inviting learning environment.  

How our classroom libraries are coded and organized

  • 2 different colors of baskets
    • 1 color for fiction text
    • 1 color for nonfiction text
  • Purple and yellow labels
    • Purple labels = Genre
    • Yellow labels = Author
  • Each basket is classified in a logical way
    • Author
    • Genre
    • Theme
    • Chapter books
    • Picture books
    • Series books
    • Particular topic (animals, transportation, oceans, etc)
    • Writing books
    • Reading books