Anchor Charts

Anchor Chart Professional Development PPT

Anchor charts are embedded into every instructional strategy with the CLM.  They are also used to establish classroom routines and procedures.  During the co-construction process students’ thoughts and understandings are valued. Both the teacher and the students are viewed as co-creators of knowledge.  Students’ understandings of the instruction transform as they interact with the text on the chart and one another.  

 Teachers display anchor charts on walls, doors, and in hallways to scaffold students learning and affirm their thinking.  They help students become self-regulated and independent learners as students use them throughout the day as a guide to support their reading and writing opportunities.  Once they are displayed, students receive a copy to place in the appropriate tab in their thoughtful logs.  

When to use anchor charts?

  • Establish routines and procedures
  • Develop classroom expectations 
  • Reading min-lessons
  • Writing mini-lessons
  • Shared Reading lessons
  • Word Study/Spelling lessons
  • Literature Discussion Groups
  • Guided Reading
  • Small Group Instruction